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Her Ghost Friend

Her Ghost Friend

Her Ghost Friend is the electronic duo project of Shinobu Ono(vocal) and DJ Obake.

Shinobu and Obake ware debut in the first album, “Her Ghost Friend”, in 2011. They had  began their live performance In 2012 mainly in center  of Tokyo. They  released the 2nd full album "Looking For Wonder" , In 2012  then mini album  “Koisuru Wakusei, Hateshinai Monogatari” in 2013.

Their works have been used on game and television music until now. They collaborated with Saâdane Afif at the MOT (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) in 2016, called “Three Tokyo Sessions”.

And the duo has just released a new album,  “Kimi No Iru Sekai Ga Sukidayo (I love the world with you)”  in 2016.