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Ryujinn Kobayashi

Ryujinn Kobayashi

"Ryujinn" is a Samurai Calligrapher/Artist who goes beyond the boundary of traditional Japanese calligraphy (Sho-do), and has developed the unique ability and skills to unlock the life and its flow of energy sealed in each "word" he draws. He began his journey as a Samurai Calligrapher at age 30 when he left his otherwise successful carrier in business. His unique style and technique have been developed through over 10 years of challenging days as a street artist however, his real breakthrough as a Samurai Calligrapher came after he became a student under Hakushu Shirai, a master of traditional Japanese tea ceremony and the classic calligraphy. Enlightened by his wisdom and guidance, Ryujinn has opened the door to a new dimension in the world of Calligraphy arts.

He continues his endeavor to explore the new dimension of calligraphic arts. It may be the pandora's box he opened, but whatever it might turns out to be, he dares himself to go the distance to see the unseen.