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​Shinji Hiramatsu

​Shinji Hiramatsu

Shinji Hiramatsu is a Japanese manga artist from Okayama. He is one of the manga artists who contributed to the golden age of Weekly Shonen Jump.

He submitted his original manga story to Monthly Young Jump Award of Weekly Shonen Jump when he was a junior high student. It was successfully published, and he moved to Tokyo after graduationo study as the assistant of Norihiro Nakajima. Soon after, he started work on Doberman Deka in Weekly Shonen Jump, collaborating with famed manga author Buronson to create the famous, long-running manga series.

Hiramatsu’s work has many variations, such as the “good always wins” type (seen in Black Angels and Murder License Kiba) and the “martial arts” type (seen in Ricky Typhoon and Dos Koi Gigolo).

Many famous comic authors started their careers as assistants to Hiramatsu, including Tetsuya Saruwatari (author of Tough) and Yoichi Takahashi (author of Captain Tsubasa (كابتن ماجد). They still keep their friendship and appear on talk shows together.

His recent work Mansho, which combines manga and shodo, became a smash hit in many exhibitions that are being held in Japan.