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Steven D’Onofrio

Steven D’Onofrio

"Ordinary with huge dreams,” is how Steven D’Onofrio describes himself. The native New Yorker is passionate about the intersection of art, culture and entertainment.

Art became a staple in D’Onofrio’s life at age 6, when he began to admire the hypnotizing colors and striking animation of the popular anime, “Sailor Moon.” As he got older, his napkin doodles turned to a serious consideration for drawing and design. In 2007, he completed the arduous task of painting a large-scale mural representation of an artwork from a video game series that fueled his creativity, Final Fantasy. D’Onofrio claims it was here, in the halls of his hometown high school, that he knew art was a passion that would carry through the rest of his life. Around the same time, he was developing a fascination with Asian culture after being inspired by the music of pop star BoA Kwon.  Popular in Korea, Japan, and China, it was BoA’s multicultural reach that inspired Steven to become poly-lingual. Now, at 26 years old, he is fluent in three Asian languages (Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Korean). D’Onofrio immersed himself in Asian studies by living in Tokyo for a total of two and a half years. When he finally returned to the United States, he could think of nothing more suiting than to use his primary passion, art, to bring the beautiful culture he had experienced in Asia to others. Bringing his dreams to light… Throughout 2014, D’Onofrio ventured out on his North America tour, “Welcome to Planet KuNu,” on which he visited various conventions and cultural events. He used his beloved KuNu animations as well as charisma and comedic charm to teach Japanese to his audiences. The tour was extremely successful and D’Onofrio couldn’t be happier. “Welcome to Planet KuNu” helped open the door for D’Onofrio to bring the reach of his company even further. He hosted Kawaiiland New York in July 2014, where he was once again praised for his personality and charm on stage. He also appeared on stage for the Los Angeles Feline Film Festival alongside Internet famous cat, Lil BUB. Keeping the dream alive… Currently, D’Onofrio is creating more works out of West Hollywood, California. Some of his projects include major titles like The Muppets and Sesame Street. Aside from his production art projects, he is wrapping up his first novel to be published through his company, Studio KuNu, hosting / MCing events, and loving his new inspiration and pet, Eiko the cat. He has a new comedy web series titled I JUST ARTED™, which premiered on April 9th, 2016. On each episode, viewers get a peek into D’Onofrio’s creative process as he draws a fan-requested art piece and creates a custom cocktail to pair with it. New episodes premier every Saturday at 9:00am Pacific Time, with custom cocktail recipe videos going up on his official Facebook the following day. “I’m living my dream,” he comments. “I still have a lot of goals I want to accomplish.” When asked about his ultimate goal, the artist’s answer is different than some may expect. “I just want to be able to dance with Ellen DeGeneres on her show.” Until then, the journey continues and his next stop will be at Anime in Abu Dhabi