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​Tetsuro Shimaguchi

​Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Tetsuro Shimaguchi 

Get ready The Samurai Sword Art group KAMUI was formed by Tetsuro Shimaguchi in 1998. In Japan, they have appeared for theatrical performances, movies and show events. Shimaguchi is best known for his choreography of the acclaimed sword fighting scenes for the movie KILL BILL Vol.1, where he also starred as henchman of CRAZY88, MIKI.

After the success of KILL BILL, KAMUI has performed all around the world including The Kennedy Center (U.S.A. /2005), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland /in 2006 and 2008), Teatro Della Pergola and Palazzo Vecchio (Italy /2010), Japan Expo in Paris (France/2011), Blue Note Poznan Jazz Club (Poland/2013) and Hermitage Museum (Russia/2015).

He also created “THE WAY of the SAMURAI” named KENGIDO, and has opened dojos to teach KENGIDO in Japan, America and Europe.

Not only will you have the chance to watch Shimaguchi in action on the main stage, he will also be giving a limited number of workshops where you can get the chance to learn about ‘THE WAY of the SAMURAI!’