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Yuiko Mizushima

Yuiko Mizushima

Born in Tokyo in 1983.

Bachelor of Arts in Education from WASEDA University.

She met SATSUMA BIWA while she was part of BIWA music club in that university then she has been aiming to be the best musician of SATSUMA BIWA in japan for 13 years. - to be the best of japan means to be the best in the world.

She has been studying under YUKIO TANAKA, the best pupil of KINSHI TSURUTA (1911-1995) who is the specialized in the ancient pear-shaped plucked lute called biwa and is Worldwide authoritative musician of modern music of SATSUMA BIWA.

This is the first overseas performances for Yuiko, who is very rare professional women BIWA player. You will find her specialty field for crossover music, POP, Rock and BIWA in her latest album [CDの名前] which released in this month. She is so excited to enjoy having Mutton and watermelon, her favorite foods, while she is staying in Abu Dhabi.